Super Rugby Pacific 2024 Schedule & Time

This is the draw for the 2024 Super Rugby Pacific competition.

This is the second such competition.

The new competition is a 12-team tournament, with Moana Pasifika and Fijian Drua added in place of South Africa and Argentina teams from the old Super Rugby format.

The teams will play 14 regular season matches made up of 11 round-robin matches and three derby/rivalry matches across 15 rounds, with each team afforded one bye.

The season’s 91 matches will be played across 18 weeks, which includes the three weeks of the playoff series.

New Zealand moved to level two restrictions on Monday, allowing Super Rugby teams to return to full training ahead of a Saturday June 13 kick-off in a new five-team, 10-week competition.

Super Rugby Pacific

New Zealand’s five teams will play each other twice in a 10-week competition that centers around afternoon and twilight timeslots.

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Round 1
Friday 24 FebruaryCrusaders v ChiefsOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch5:05pmStan
Friday 24 FebruaryWaratahs v BrumbiesAllianz Stadium7:35pmStan
Saturday 25 FebruaryMoana Pasifika v Fijian DruaMt Smart Stadium, Auckland2:35pmStan
Saturday 25 FebruaryHighlanders v BluesForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin5:05pmStan
Saturday 25 FebruaryReds v HurricanesQueensland Country Bank Stadium7:45pmStan/Nine
Saturday 25 FebruaryForce v RebelsHBF Park10pmStan
Round 2
Friday 3 MarchCrusaders v HighlandersAAMI Park6pmStan
Friday 3 MarchRebels v HurricanesAAMI Park8:10pmStan
Saturday 4 MarchMoana Pasifika v ChiefsAAMI Park5:05pmStan
Saturday 4 MarchFijian Drua v WaratahsAAMI Park7:45pmStan/Nine
Sunday 5 MarchBlues v BrumbiesAAMI Park2pmStan
Sunday 5 MarchForce v RedsAAMI Park4:30pmStan
Round 3
Friday 10 MarchChiefs v HighlandersFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton5:05pmStan
Friday 10 MarchRebels v WaratahsAAMI Park7:35pmStan
Saturday 11 MarchFijian Drua v CrusadersTBC2:35pmStan
Saturday 11 MarchHurricanes v BluesSky Stadium, Wellington5:05pmStan
Saturday 11 MarchBrumbies v RedsGIO Stadium7:45pmStan/Nine
Saturday 11 MarchForce v Moana PasifikaHBF Park10pmStan
Round 4
Friday 17 MarchHurricanes v WaratahsSky Stadium, Wellington5:05pmStan
Saturday 18 MarchChiefs v RebelsFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton2:35pmStan
Saturday 18 MarchBlues v CrusadersEden Park, Auckland5:05pmStan
Saturday 18 MarchBrumbies v Moana PasifikaGIO Stadium7:45pmStan/Nine
Sunday 19 MarchHighlanders v ForceRugby Park, Invercargill1:35pmStan
Sunday 19 MarchReds v Fijian DruaSuncorp Stadium4pmStan
Round 5
Friday 24 MarchCrusaders v BrumbiesOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch5:05pmStan
Friday 24 MarchWaratahs v ChiefsAllianz Stadium7:35pmStan
Saturday 25 MarchHighlanders v Fijian DruaForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin2:35pmStan
Saturday 25 MarchMoana Pasifika v HurricanesMt Smart Stadium, Auckland5:05pmStan
Saturday 25 MarchRebels v RedsAAMI Park7:45pmStan/Nine
Sunday 26 MarchBlues v ForceEden Park, Auckland1:35pmStan
Round 6
Friday 31 MarchMoana Pasifika v HighlandersMt Smart Stadium, Auckland5:05pmStan
Friday 31 MarchReds v CrusadersSuncorp Stadium7:35pmStan
Saturday 1 AprilFijian Drua v RebelsTBC2:35pmStan
Saturday 1 AprilChiefs v BluesFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton5:05pmStan
Saturday 1 AprilBrumbies v WaratahsGIO Stadium7:45pmStan/Nine
Sunday 2 AprilHurricanes v ForceTBC1:35pmStan
Round 7
Friday 7 AprilCrusaders v Moana PasifikaOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch5:05pmStan
Friday 7 AprilReds v BrumbiesSuncorp Stadium7:35pmStan
Saturday 8 AprilHighlanders v HurricanesForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin5:05pmStan
Saturday 8 AprilRebels v BluesAAMI Park7:45pmStan/Nine
Round 8
Friday 14 AprilMoana Pasifika v RedsApia Park, Apia5:05pmStan
Friday 14 AprilBrumbies v Fijian DruaGIO Stadium7:35pmStan
Saturday 15 AprilHurricanes v ChiefsSky Stadium, Wellington5:05pmStan
Saturday 15 AprilWaratahs v ForceAllianz Stadium7:45pmStan/Nine
Round 9
Friday 21 AprilChiefs v Fijian DruaFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton5:05pmStan
Friday 21 AprilRebels v CrusadersAAMI Park7:35pmStan
Saturday 22 AprilBlues v WaratahsEden Park, Auckland5:05pmStan
Saturday 22 AprilForce v HighlandersHBF Park7:45pmStan/Nine
Round 10
Friday 28 AprilHurricanes v BrumbiesSky Stadium, Wellington5:05pmStan
Friday 28 AprilWaratahs v HighlandersAllianz Stadium7:35pmStan
Saturday 29 AprilFijian Drua v BluesTBC12:05pmStan
Saturday 29 AprilMoana Pasifika v RebelsMt Smart Stadium, Auckland2:35pmStan
Saturday 29 AprilChiefs v CrusadersFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton5:05pmStan
Saturday 29 AprilReds v ForceSuncorp Stadium7:45pmStan/Nine
Round 11
Friday 5 MayHighlanders v ChiefsForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin5:05pmStan
Saturday 6 MayFijian Drua v HurricanesTBC12:05pmStan
Saturday 6 MayCrusaders v ForceOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch2:35pmStan
Saturday 6 MayBlues v Moana PasifikaEden Park, Auckland5:05pmStan
Saturday 6 MayReds v WaratahsQueensland Country Bank Stadium7:45pmStan/Nine
Sunday 7 MayRebels v BrumbiesAAMI Park2:35pmStan
Round 12
Friday 12 MayChiefs v RedsTBC5:05pmStan
Friday 12 MayForce v Fijian DruaHBF Park7:35pmStan
Saturday 13 MayHurricanes v Moana PasifikaSky Stadium, Wellington2:35pmStan
Saturday 13 MayCrusaders v BluesOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch5:05pmStan
Saturday 13 MayWaratahs v RebelsAllianz Stadium7:45pmStan/Nine
Sunday 14 MayBrumbies v HighlandersGIO Stadium2:35pmStan
Round 13
Friday 19 MayMoana Pasifika v CrusadersMt Smart Stadium, Auckland5:05pmStan
Friday 19 MayReds v BluesSuncorp Stadium7:35pmStan
Saturday 20 MayHighlanders v RebelsForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin2:35pmStan
Saturday 20 MayChiefs v HurricanesFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton5:05pmStan
Saturday 20 MayWaratahs v Fijian DruaAllianz Stadium7:45pmStan/Nine
Saturday 20 MayForce v BrumbiesHBF Park10pmStan
Round 14
Friday 26 MayHighlanders v RedsForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin5:05pmStan
Friday 26 MayRebels v ForceAAMI Park7:35pmStan
Saturday 27 MayFijian Drua v Moana PasifikaFiji12:05pmStan
Saturday 27 MayCrusaders v WaratahsOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch2:35pmStan
Saturday 27 MayBlues v HurricanesEden Park, Auckland5:05pmStan
Saturday 27 MayBrumbies v ChiefsGIO Stadium7:45pmStan/Nine
Round 15
Friday 2 JuneBlues v HighlandersEden Park, Auckland5:05pmStan
Friday 2 JuneBrumbies v RebelsGIO Stadium7:35pmStan
Saturday 3 JuneFijian Drua v RedsFiji2:35pmStan
Saturday 3 JuneHurricanes v CrusadersSky Stadium, Wellington5:05pmStan
Saturday 3 JuneWaratahs v Moana PasifikaAllianz Stadium7:45pmStan/Nine
Saturday 3 JuneForce v ChiefsHBF Park10pmStan
Fri 9 Jun-Sun 11 JunTBDTBDTBDTBD
Fri 16 Jun-Sat 17 JunTBDTBDTBDTBD